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tcsolver (temporal constraints solver) is an open-source Java library for constraint propagation and temporal reasoning. It can be used to solve temporal constraint satisfaction problems such as scheduling tasks or filtering time-stamped events (time map manager). It includes an inference engine embeddable into standalone Java applications or inside an EJB server.

The library is designed with extensibility in mind: is is easy to add new types of constraints and new algorithms to propagate them. The temporal problem is defined by a model composed of a set of variables and constraints on these variables. The algorithms that solve the problem are kept separate from the model, which allows using different algorithms for different types of problems, or even several algorithms for solving different parts of the problem.


The project is in an experimental phase. A first release of library is currently under (heavy) development: it focuses on pattern maching, temporal scenario recognition and simple temporal problems (STPs). It is not yet ready to be used in a production environment.

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